The Pole Mer Bretagne Atlantique leads the BOOSTER ‘MORESPACE’ in partnership with Pole Images & Reseaux, GIS Bretel, French Tech Brest + and SATT Ouest Valorisation.

The BOOSTERs are the result of a CNES / COSPACE initiative which aimed at stimulating innovation and economic development by digital and space. This initiative should help develop new services and applications in all economic sectors.

MORESPACE was developed in a context where the use of satellite data, whether for studies or the provision of operational services, presents a potential of activities development still under-exploited.

MORESPACE aims to accelerate the use of satellite data and techniques in the maritime sector through the crossing of the digital, space and maritime sectors. Today, much remains to be done for the development and / or improvement of new services related to maritime activities (water quality, fisheries, maritime transport applications, etc.).

The application domains covered by MORESPACE are:

  • Environmental Monitoring: Detection of marine pollution, natural resources traffic, monitoring of invasive natural phenomena (green algae, etc.) 
  • Marine Safety: Securing maritime routes for the transport of goods and passengers 
  • Risk management: Submersion, storms monitoring, coastlines vulnerability… 
  • Resource Management: Monitoring of large marine mammals, management of fisheries…
  • Energy Sector: Offshore oil, management of RME sites…